Sunday, May 19, 2013

it's May 2nd (a life lesson in a poem?!)

**I had a dream a few nights ago about different people (guys) trying to come through my door.  Some of them knocked, one came through (I'm not sure how) and I had to pull and push him out of the door.  I stood guard the entire time.  I told a friend about the dream and read her this poem after.  Her words of wisdom...
              "you can guard the door all you want.  there are many ways to penetrate a fortress.  someone already made there way in once, obviously there's a crack somewhere.  if one came in before, others will find there way in."  
I'm not entirely sure how that sits with me but here's my poem.  

it’s May 2nd

I have no idea where I am
people are talking

my eyes burn
            from crying over you

you did nothing for me to cry over
somehow I let you in

my door’s locked

I lay salt for bad spirits
I light candles to pray
I burn sage to cleanse

palm crosses
            guard               my door

 you walked inside

and made yourself                              at home