Saturday, May 11, 2013

creeper: gotta move

I stand on the stoop of the stairs of my apartment a few times a day to smoke a cigarette.  It's right outside my door and I'm not one for smoking indoors.  Something about exhaling streams of smoke that helps remind you; you're alive; it'll be fine.
I have a creeper neighbor that lives in the building adjacent to mine.  I've seen him stand in the bushes in the morning when people are driving to school.  He just stands and watches.
Today as I leaned on the railing of my stairs he stared at me.  He walked to his apartment door and just stared... then he walked over to the power box, hidden behind the leaves of a tree, he stood and stared.  I looked at the floor to see what direction his sneakers were facing, he stood and stared.  Then he walked back to his apartment door, looked inside his apartment door, turned around, stood and stared at me again... then he turned around and walked inside.
I really need to move, or learn to smoke faster... It takes me about 7-8 minutes to enjoy a cigarette, 4 minutes if I'm in a rush.  I need to move.  This guy has always been creepy, but to have some random person stare at me, at night, across an empty courtyard is disturbing... Just a few more months and I'll be out of here.  In the meantime, I need to buy a taser.