Monday, April 8, 2013

the wind blows

the giant stomped
through the garden
crushing, breaking, bending

he was as tall as trees

stalks of grass lie flat
leaves whisper
the wind blows
set them free

he eyes the flower bushes

roses lilacs and daphnes
reduced to dust
the wind blows
the giant sneezes

he chases the clouds

trucking through the flower beds
daisies tremble
watching his approach
mangled poppies and pansies

the wind blows

the giant picks daisies
and plucks their petals
she loves me
she loves me not

daisy after daisy
he drops
stem after stem
and daisy after daisy

the end always the same
she love me not

the giant cries

he screams
he stomps
the daisies bend under his feet

they spring up unaffected
as his tantrum continues
the giant kneels

one by one

he starts at the stem
and forces the daisies back
into the soil

he covers the land
where they once grew
down to the last
she won’t move

he tries to pull her stem
pluck her petals
crush her in his palms
she doesn’t waver

the giant digs
one last tug
pulls at her roots
her stem falls

a large gust of wind

the giant sneezes

watching the daisy
float in the air
she gets smaller
in the distance

the giant cries

the wind blows