Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Torn:Nonsensical Family Drama

I've been in touch with my aunt Syl recently. She invited me to go to lunch on Saturday. I'd love to see her but I'm not sure how that will go over with my extended family, especially my mother. The family I have three aunts and three uncles on my mother's side. All my uncles are divorced. The most recent of which being my uncle that was married to my aunt Syl. My entire family turned their backs on her and now no one communicates with her at all. To me, they divorced each other and I had nothing to do with it, so why should I avoid her. She's always been a role model to me. She embodies the type of wife and mother I hope to be someday. I don't anticipate that to be anywhere in the near future but when the time comes I hope I can take on her good qualities. If someday I can be half the mother she is my kids will be doing pretty good. I could never have this conversation with anyone in my family. I love my mom and I know she always does the best she can. I've learned a lot from my mom and learned from many of her mistakes. I'm not saying my aunt Syl is perfect by any means, she wouldn't say that herself, but she's an amazing and consistent mother. I've never had an open line of communication with my own mom and I wonder if its too late for that now. I hope my mom doesn't feel betrayed if I meet my aunt for lunch.