Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fair-old poetry(F)

Webster’s dictionary told me fair means
Free from favor; just; what is right and proper
And I said, “I knew it!”
So now I have my case
See my mommy’s a lawyer
So I’ve heard that a million times over
So it’s now my turn
To take my teacher to trial
I’ll build my case
It’s time to get started
I’ll interview the boy with the smelly shoes
And I’ll surely win this trial
With a few more witnesses
I started to gather some questions
Cuz tomorrow I was gonna interrogate the teacher
My mommy walked by to say good night
Instead she looked like she wanted to fight
And asked what the hell are you doing
I said I am going to take my teacher to trial
And I file suit in the morning
Why on earth would you do such a thing asked my mommy
I said mommy it’s not fair
Mommy she doesn’t care
She gave me lunch detention
 And why did she do that
Cuz Anne Marie didn’t believe me
When I said my frog Joey died
I took his body
And put it in her cubby
And at the end of the day when she went to put on her jacket
Oh no, you didn’t
Didn’t what mommy anyways
She found a little surprise in her pocket
Mommy she is such a wuss
She screamed so loud
And then the teacher started to frown
Cuz she knew that I was to blame
And then I got in trouble
No mommy you don’t understand
Anne Marie called me a liar!
It’s not fair I can’t go to recess after lunch anymore
So now my teacher’s going to trial
Honey I think I’ll tell you a story to help you understand
Sweetie do you remember what happened to grandma
Sure she’s dead
They laid her on a fire bed
And now she sits on the mantel
Mommy started to cry
And said good night
And when she woke up the next morning
She said listen here
I would try to explain
But you’ll understand when you’re older
You will drop your trial
And go on to school as normal
But mommy then I am letting an injustice go unpunished
And it’s just not fair
If you continue with this trial
You will march up to your room with a smile
And be grounded for 2 months and a week
Fine I guess I have no choice
But just to let you know
You are committing a serious crime against justice
And I really should go tell the police
Would you like to be grounded for 3 months and 2 weeks
No mommy I’m sorry

So you see the moral of my story is
Fair means justice for grown-ups
So you need to be real sneaky
When filing suit you see
 Cuz now I am bringing trial against mommy
But I gotta clean my room first
Night, night kitty I’ll hide you in the bathtub
Tomorrow we’ll have another surprise for Anne Marie
With the mouse you caught for dinner