Monday, October 29, 2012

Do you believe in MonSters?

do you believe in MonSters
have you seen one before
do you know what they look like
do you know where they live
do you know where they hide

I believe in MonSters
I've seen one before
I know what they look like
I know where they hide

but we're not talking about me here
I want to know about you

did you know a MonSter haunts me every day
he's always there, always around
sometimes I forget he's mine to carry

my MonSter hides inside me
he sneaks about and waits for the right time to pounce
my MonSter trips me at times
I've seen him sit on my hands, legs and feet until they fall asleep
he even hugs me so hard it hurts

sometimes I wonder
am I stronger than my MonSter
can I outsmart him someday
will I ever win our little game
or will he always be one step ahead
leaving me two steps behind

I haven't seen my MonSter in months
and that worries me
because I know he's not gone
I know he hasn't left me
so I'm just waiting for him to attack
with all his hate and vengence

I can't forget about my MonSter
or he might get the best of me