Sunday, September 9, 2012

A life in a notebook-some poetry(F)

A life in a notebook
He wrote nonstop
About the girl that changed his life
Wherever he carried it
His words were his weapons
The one that broke his heart
He never left her side
She never saw him
He found amazing ways to hide
Nights camped out in his car
Pages of dates and times
Detailing her day and night events
That he didn’t know where she went
Then the day came
He got his gun
Lucky for her she saw him
Just in time to run
The cops came and now
He is surrounded by padded walls
He screams her name
But she never calls
A lifetime thrown away
Over a bitter obsession
Now every breath he takes
Is watched and evaluated
He is left with nothing
But his intangible dreams
So much is lost
With his life in a notebook