Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Less than Human

Less than Human

“It’s impolite to falsify hope.” –Kellie Cooke

So then why do I do it to myself?
Confused that the real “you.”
            Is so different from the “you”
I believed to be true. 
            Are you no more than a simile?
Like an honest lie…

I hate feeling alone in a crowd.
People fail —once, twice and again—
I can’t not quit.
            But I can stop trying. 
Should I stop trying?

So many “you’s”
New you’s
            Disillusion me
Why can’t I keep
            the old you’s

that embrace me?  

I’m used to fallacies
            In “families.”
Maybe I should put the mask back on
            And pretend to be a person
I’m too often treated
                                    Less than Human