Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sort of excerpt from an email to a friend.

I think I've mentioned it but I went to an open mic nite by my school before. Only walked in once. Tonight I went and stayed the entire time. I also shared, which was lovely. :) I enjoyed the kind eyes. It was a great feeling being around fellow writers. I also had a meeting with my english professor from last semester. He encouraged me to keep writing. He also mentioned that while I'm more inclined to write fiction I should consider exploring "creative nonfiction." He said I have a "talent" for that and it does well in Great Britain. But he did mention it has yet to catch on in the states. I wish you could have been there. I'm happy that I was okay in front of strangers but it would be nice to share that experience with someone I know. My creative writing professor said that its a lonely, depressing life, that of a writer. I disagree because hope is often needed to write. I'm so happy now. Its very strange to say, but I am. I'm writing and that's my dream, I'm living my I'm living my dream.